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If you’re a fist timer, here is some information to help better prepare you:

What to expect from your chiropractor

A chiropractor uses, among other alternative treatments, hands-on spinal manipulation, and the theory is that proper alignment of the musculoskeletal structures of the body, especially the spine, enables he body to self-heal without needing medication or surgery. Chiropractors use manipulation to restore joint mobility caused by tissue injury resulting from a traumatic event, for instance from falling. If you are wondering: why should i see a chiropractor, here are the most common reasons.


Pain in your back, neck and joints

Among people who resort to seeing a chiropractor for their different ailments, majority of them choose chiropractic treatment. There are roughly 22 million of patients to visit chiropractors in a year. Out of these, 35% or 7.7 million are seeking back pain relief. The back pain is brought about by a number of factors like sports injuries, muscle strains and accidents.

When treating back, joint and neck pain, a chiropractor will first take your medical history, do a physical exam and may also use diagnostic imaging or even lab tests to see if the treatment suggested is the right one for your back pain.

Treatment plan could involve one or several manual adjustments where your joints are manipulated by a doctor using a controlled force to improve quality and range of motion. Majority of chiropractors will also include a counseling and nutritional exercise plan into the treatment regimen. Chiropractic care goals include prevention of injury and restoration of functions as well as back pain relief.



Almost every adult suffers from headache form time to time and can be brought by a number of factors which include remaining in one position for too long and tension in your muscles. Luckily, it is a problem that can be alleviated by a chiropractor. A chiropractor will suggest a treatment regimen that focuses on alleviating underlying causes of the headache. The treatment will help decrease tension in your shoulders and neck and also realign your spine for better health and function.

.Improve your posture

Posture refers to your body’s position while lying down, sitting up or standing. Also known as neutral spine, good posture has several health benefits, key among of which is avoiding back pain injury. A chiropractor can not only improve but also maintain your posture. Through chiropractic adjustments, recommendations on the right position during various activities and exercises, your chiropractor will help you improve your posture.

Why is Posture Important

• Maintains proper joint and bone alignment
• Decrease abdominal joint wear
• Prevents muscle strain, pain and overuse

So there you have it!

A chiropractor uses spinal adjustments to correct the alignment of the body. While they can cure nearly all manner of problems, the most common conditions are headaches, back pain, joint pain, neck pain and maintaining a proper body posture. So if you are wondering: should i see a chiropractor, the answer is most definitely yes.